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The rundown
The corner of South Washington Square and West Lenawee Street in Downtown Lansing
2,025 standing patrons for a single performance
  • Two-story main stage
  • Smaller, intimate stage alongside the main stage
  • First- and second-story lobbies
  • Second-story balcony
  • Private party room with a balcony overlooking the main stage
  • Bars and concessions
  • Retail space facing South Washington Square
First floor
First floor plans
  • Two-story main stage: A performance area for large-scale, national acts
  • Second performance area: A smaller space for more intimate performances
  • Micro-retail spaces along South Washington Square
  • Offices and multi-purpose collaboration rooms for local arts organizations, including the Lansing Public Media Center
Second floor
Second floor plans
  • Balcony curving around the venue from above
  • Private party room with its own private balcony
Exterior Renderings